Dutch Filofaxers Facebook Group

Only nearly 2 months ago we (Desiree, Danielle, Nga-Yee and myself) started a Dutch Filofax group. The main reason was that most FB groups are mainly focused on people in the US, that's great of course but we missed the Dutch gezelligheid (there is no translation for this word (<--great website about Dutchies btw)). So we started a Dutch group.. the Dutch Filofaxers! We're almost 2 months old and we already have 67 members! RAKs are flying around and we're opening our Secret Santa Swap tomorrow :)

Because the Dutch group grew so quick and got so active we also opened a European Filofaxers group. The European group is even bigger but isn't very active yet, but when the holiday season is over we'll be pumping some energy into the group.
We're also planning a Filofax meeting in Brussels for next year! We'll be visiting the filofax distributor for the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). How cool is that?!

If you're Dutch or European come join us!

I bet most American people understand me with their groups. It's nice to share our hobby with like minded people :)

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