My pen pouch

I use a "Kipling 100 pens" there are several colors available (google it ;) ). It was a bit expensive but I'm very happy I paid the price because it's ideal for me! This pouch goes everywhere with me. Get ready for some picture overload.

The pouch

Cute hangers <3

My favorite pens which I always use.

Underneath the pens you have space for.. anything!

This is what I carry under the pens.

I love ziplock bags to keep everything together.

Pritt is my favorite glue, sticks very very well! And my favorite washi tape.

Washi tape samples I received through friends and swaps

Sticky notes

Papers and envelopes

Hole protectors and sticker sheets

From left to right: small lose stickers, paperclips and sticker flake bags. And a beautiful ruler which I have no use for .. yet but it's so pretty!!

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