Dublin Haul

Just before Christmas I went Christmas shopping with my mom, aunt and cousin in Dublin. I had a great time and bought too much lol. I went over with an almost empty suitcase, I only packed the necessary stuff but I still had to buy a new bag for half the stuff I bought. Mostly clothes but I also shopped for Filofaxes and stationary.

Never seen so many Filofaxes together! <3

Pink inserts!! Haven't seen those before, but didn't buy them.

50% off all Filofaxes at Paperchase, I couldn't let this beauty go!

All the stationary I bought at Paperchase, Muji and random card shops.

Filofaxes and inserts I bought. I saw the Malden, I love it on pictures but I hate the floppiness :( So will be trying to sell it. I'm using the Classic as wedding planner and the Finsbury has no use at the moment.

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