New Kent from Oz style page turner

I love having a big page turner in my filofax but the downside is that half of the week is covered by the page turner. When I saw THIS video from Kent from Oz I ran to my craft space and made one for myself. What a great thing! Here are some pictures of my page turner inspired by Kent from Oz.

Dublin Haul

Just before Christmas I went Christmas shopping with my mom, aunt and cousin in Dublin. I had a great time and bought too much lol. I went over with an almost empty suitcase, I only packed the necessary stuff but I still had to buy a new bag for half the stuff I bought. Mostly clothes but I also shopped for Filofaxes and stationary.

Never seen so many Filofaxes together! <3

Pink inserts!! Haven't seen those before, but didn't buy them.

50% off all Filofaxes at Paperchase, I couldn't let this beauty go!

All the stationary I bought at Paperchase, Muji and random card shops.

Filofaxes and inserts I bought. I saw the Malden, I love it on pictures but I hate the floppiness :( So will be trying to sell it. I'm using the Classic as wedding planner and the Finsbury has no use at the moment.

Secret Santa Swap

In the "Dutch Filofaxers" we organized a Secret Santa Swap. We agreed to open the packages at the 18th. I couldn't wait so I stayed up till 00:01. Desiree made a beautiful swap! Sit back and enjoy!

Dutch Filofaxers Facebook Group

Only nearly 2 months ago we (Desiree, Danielle, Nga-Yee and myself) started a Dutch Filofax group. The main reason was that most FB groups are mainly focused on people in the US, that's great of course but we missed the Dutch gezelligheid (there is no translation for this word (<--great website about Dutchies btw)). So we started a Dutch group.. the Dutch Filofaxers! We're almost 2 months old and we already have 67 members! RAKs are flying around and we're opening our Secret Santa Swap tomorrow :)

Because the Dutch group grew so quick and got so active we also opened a European Filofaxers group. The European group is even bigger but isn't very active yet, but when the holiday season is over we'll be pumping some energy into the group.
We're also planning a Filofax meeting in Brussels for next year! We'll be visiting the filofax distributor for the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). How cool is that?!

If you're Dutch or European come join us!

I bet most American people understand me with their groups. It's nice to share our hobby with like minded people :)

Filofax The Purse

I was searching for a wallet type filofax were I can fit in money, my cards, car key, phone and notes. During one of my visits to my local Filofax supplier Hummelman that my ordered "The Purse" came in! I couldn't wait to pick it up. I ordered the Antique White, I was a bit afraid that it would be to white and you'd see everything on it. But when I first saw my The Purse I was in love, it was perfect!

I love that it has a beautiful star on it, plain wallet organizers are a bit to boring for me.

The back has a pocket, I often put my phone in here.

This is the inside. There is a lot of space for cards, still I need some morge card pocket sheets.
You can take out the dairy/planner part but I don't see the use of taking it out.

I only have some notepaper in here for grocery lists and quick notes.

The front 6 pockets: I keep my most used cards in here, bank cards, credit card, drivers license and my parking card (for parking garages)

Space for my car key (yes that's my car key! :) ), paper money, receipts and tickets.
There's also a pocket with zip for coins

From the other side: cards for grocery stores and swimming classes

I took the loose things out and here I keep my company stuff.

Stamps, cards and other stuff for shops.

I hope you enjoyed my post!