My Paperchase Planner

Hi guys,

Time to show you my planner! I don't have a filofax planner yet but this does the trick aswell. This is a Paperchase planner i bought a year ago, it's a miracle it stayed with me so long. Normally I'd change planner every 3 to 6 months but I just love this planner!

Let me warn you this is a heavy pic post!

I love the vintage English style.

I keep my stamps in a zip lock bag so I'll never be short on stamps for my outgoing mail!

My motto <3

I love quotes on my custom made dividers.

This weeks lay out.

This weeks lay out.

My week on 2 pages are from Hema here in The Netherlands. It has one week in pink and the other in green, love it!

My list with swaps through FB

I use cardstock for my dividers and washi tape for the tabs

I use colored papers for my printables. Here you see some empty colored pages.
I use paperclips for tabs between dividers.
Printables from Paper Love Story

Printables from Paper Love Story
I use these for my other website

Printables from Paper Love Story

Printables from Paper Love Story

Love my Hello Kitty sticker <3


Ziplock bags, I keep some more stickers in here.

I keep a address book from Moleskine in the back and some extra dividers

Some extra dividers.

Some extra dividers.

Top view

Side view



  1. Really lovely! I love the cover and all the decorated pages! Looks almost like a Filofax but better :)